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online quiz

Contest Rules :

Quizophy gave you Rs. 20 Cash Bonus on each refer to your friend upto 2000. For this, you have to folllow few steps given below:

Registration: Participants must register for the quiz contest through the quizophy app.

Format: The format of the quiz, each quiz including the some number of questions, get specific SECONDS to answer the question intended for it and shall be awarded 1 POINTS for a CORRECT answer. The total number of questions and the time allotted for each question can vary depending on the quiz. Some quizzes may have a few questions and a longer time limit per question, while others may have many questions and a shorter time limit per question. The number of questions and the time limit are usually set by the quiz creator or the institution administering the quiz, and are based on the purpose and difficulty level of the quiz.

Rules of Conduct: Participants must follow the rules of conduct during the quiz, including not cheating or using any outside resources.

Rank: To calculate the rank of a participant, we can assign points based on the number of correct answers and the time taken to complete the quiz.

Publicity: By participating in the quiz contest, participants agree to allow the organizer to use their names and photographs for publicity purposes. ​